Proof that Tony Stark has a Heart
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Hi, I'm Kitty or Pepper or Maverick or Lena or whatever. Mexican, novelist, fangirl, duckling, hiddlestoner, beatlemaniac and proud. I breathe comics, books and cosplay. In love with RDJr, John Lennon, Gerard Way & Tony Stark. I'm in lesbians with Gwyneth Paltrow, Pepper Potts, Rachel McAdams & LynZ Way.

I love my boyfriend Tony. He's cute, smart, wonderful and fucking sexy. He's my life and only one, the John Lennon of my life and the Tony for my Pepper's heart.
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Because I want to be more comfortable, I “move” my blog to this: 

Please follow me on this and I give you followback, I promise. Thanks to all, it’s great to get my password. But I really want to move my blog.

I taged this with my fandoms, because I want all my friends and followers in the new one! Sorry for the spam, anyway. THANKS!

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Oh, my God! I have recovered my password, thanks sweet Lord! I was Geekylennon, btw. I’M BACK!

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omg this is amazing

this is my doggy woggy

shut uppp!

this proves mclennon love paul is so in love with him there aw <3

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John and Paul during an interview 1966

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